RF Transmitter

Connects hard of hearing to television or radio without cranking the volume by way of a handy transmitter. £12 incl VAT plus £1.20 P+P

This was originally designed to enable an MP3 player to be played in the car. The stereo plug is plugged into the headset socket of the MP3 player, and the car radio is tuned into the frequency that the device transmits on.

It occurred to me that this could be used for people who are becoming hard of hearing to allow them to listen to their televisions without having to have the volume so high that it becomes a nuisance to other in the house.

What you do is: plug in the transmitter into the headphones socket of your TV (this may be hidden under a flap below the screen), switch it on, select one of the 4 frequencies. Now tune in a portable radio to that frequency, and put it close to where you are sitting.

You now have your own private speaker which you can adjust to your prefered volume, and put it as near to your ear as you like. You can also use the transmitter to “Listen Again” to the BBC.

This time, plug it into the headset socket of your computer, and start playing the radio program you missed. Tune your radio in to the transmitter, and now you don’t need to be anywhere near your computer.

The RF Transmitter is just £12 incl VAT plus £1.20 P+P

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