About Us

About Us

This site is where you will find products that I think are a Jolly Good Idea.

Some I have “invented” and then looked for, others I have stumbled across. When I have described them to friends and colleagues, the response has been “Well, that’s a Jolly Good Idea!” Hopefully, you’ll think so too.

Jolly Good Idea came about when Mike decided to get off his backside, and actually do something about some of the Jolly Good Ideas that he had had during his six decades on the planet.

For instance, back in 1984, he had had the idea of a computer that you could carry with you, open up, and use, either on batteries or from the mains – in other words a laptop! He got as far as researching (the then completely new) liquid crystal displays, discussing battery performance, and housing a Sinclair QL computer in a briefcase. But that was as far as he got – it took others to bring the ubiquitous laptop to market, and make themselves fortunes into the bargain.

Amongst other things, he also invented the idea of a LCD panel to fit over a conventional overhead projector to show computer output to a screen. This was developed independently by others, and grew into the LCD projector found in most lecture rooms nowadays.

In fact, Mike has probably forgotten more of the Jolly Good Ideas he has had than he can actually remember!

Do you have a Jolly Good Idea?¬†Contact us, and I’ll put it on the site!

As a “Producer” of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Jolly Good Idea is required to be registered at the Department of the Environment (EPRN: WEE/BG2588SY) and be signed up with a Compliance scheme. Do not throw your Dialler, Vocallight or power supplies into the household rubbish at the end of their useful life. In the first instance, please contact me, as the best way of recycling is to reuse the product (after any fixing that might be necessary). Otherwise, please take the electronic waste to your local recycling facility.