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Here’s what people have been saying about our products:

Just a quick note to say thank you for sending the voice dialler. I set it up yesterday for my mother and she is over the moon. She said that it has given her her life back. It was worth every penny just to see the smile on her face.” – P. Burke

Have your ears have been burning? We haven’t stopped praising your dialler to all we meet! Mother-in-law is a total technophobe but… she finally got the hang of it and uses it daily; an absolute blessing.” – V.Wang

This [dialler] is really excellent, and would recommend it to anyone. My mother is now 94 and even though she has memory problems as well as being blind she can still remember the names of her family to phone us, as it is so simple to use.” – S. Stevens

We have [the dialler] set up at home and it works over the four phones that Dad has throughout the house so he can contact us regardless of where he is in the house. He is delighted with it and it has given him a great boost and increased his independence which we know is important for elderly men to maintain as long as possible. Thanks again for the very prompt service and clear documentation. I will be recommending it to anyone here that I think it could help.” – D. Caulfield

Just a small note to say thank you. I duly set up the voice dialler for Mrs Penney and she is absolutely delighted. Many thanks for your help.” – D.Rea

To say that Mum’s delighted with it would be an understatement, thanks very much for supplying this great product, it will make her life so much easier.” – C.Carpenter

[The dialler] works fine with the Spanish telephone system and we got it set up pretty quickly and easily. [My mother] finds it really useful so my sincere thanks. Following my father’s death her ability to communicate with her rather large circle of family and friends – in Spain, UK, Japan, Switzerland to name but a few – has been one of my biggest areas of concern as previously we were limited to her memorising number and/or key sequences. This is a significant enabler and she finds it an absolute boon!” – R. Causer

Many thanks for the dialler. We have set up the dialler and my mother-in-law is able to use it with ease. She is delighted.” – J. Bounds

Thank you for supplying this excellent device that is allowing my mother to maintain contact with her friends and family. We are very grateful.” – D. Pitcher

Thank you very much for the voice activated telephone activator. My mother in law is delighted that she can now phone people by herself it has given her so much freedom again.” – J. Young

I recently ordered, and received, the voice activated dialler from you. This was purchased for my mother who has recently lost her sight and was finding it very difficult to stay in touch with her family and friends due to being unable to use the telephone. Having installed and programmed it, which was so easy it was almost unbelievable, she is now able to use the telephone and is “back in touch” with the rest of the world.
She has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to you for supplying such a wonderful unit that has restored her freedom. She just cannot understand why it seemed so difficult to find something like this. She has now become an ardent fan of the unit and is spreading the word as wide as she can. I would like to thank you again, both on behalf of my mother and myself and wish you great success in the future with this unit.” – P. Paulsen

Just wanted to say that the phone is up and running and working great. It is re-assurance for the family knowing that [Dad] has this safety net in the house and finally has contact with outside world. The instructions you e-mailed were great and easy to follow.” – O. Jenkins