Our Products

Voice Activated Telephone Voice Dialler
Designed with the visually impaired in mind, this telephone dialler does all the work for you - simply tell it who to call. Starts from just £160 incl P+P
Voice Activated Light Socket
Don't want to get off the sofa to control your lighting? This voice-activated light socket makes turning lights on and off as simple as talking to it.
Voice Activated Telephone
Perfect for partially sighted, visually impaired, blind and physically incapacitated customers, this fly voice-activated telephone does what it says on the tin.
One-Cup Real Coffee Filter
Take all the fuss out of making a real cup of coffee with this one-cup real coffee filter. £6.00 (inc. VAT) plus £1.20 postage
RF Transmitter
Connects hard of hearing to television or radio without cranking the volume by way of a handy transmitter. £12 incl VAT plus £1.20 P+P